How much can I make delivering pizzas?

I get asked how much money I make delivering pizzas on the weekends as a part-time job all the time.  The gang in the MyTotalMoneyMakeover chat room are always curious, and the question pops up on the forums from time to time also.  I’ve also seen that question show up in the search queries here on the site…so let me take a few paragraphs on this.

First let me preface by saying I started delivering pizzas at the end of April, and have been doing over the slow season of summer.  Another caveat is that your results will depend on which company you work for, and where your delivery area is.  I deliver for Domino’s, and our delivery area is HUGE and covers everything from Section 8 housing to $300K houses in gated subdivisions.

Now, all that being said…I worked Friday night, Saturday night, and last night delivering pizzas this past weekend.  Domino’s currently pays $1.25 per delivery as gas/mileage offset, which is dependant on current gas prices (which is why I recommend having a car that gets at least 25 mpg).  Tips tend to be better at the beginning of the month, since between the local college and the army post we have a  lot of people in this town drawing government checks in some form or another.  This weekend was a bit off, being the end of the month.  Now, between tips and mileage/gas offset I brought home $40 per night, which does not include my hourly wage (at minimum wage of $5.85 an hour).

My all-time best night was last month on a Friday night, when I took home $85 in tips and mileage…and that was in the middle of summer :)  Talking to the other drivers at the store, I have heard stories of nights where they earned over $100 in tips and mileage!  Usually, the weather does play a part in how much a driver can earn.  Rain or snow tends to increase both tips and volume of orders.

Right now, business is slow because of the heat, the clear skies, and of course the whole back-to-school idea; but right now is also the perfect time to get that pizza delivery job!  Drivers who have never worked a summer in pizza are quitting right and left, several at my store are on vacation, and our manager is looking for midweek help for when those of us in college start school next month.  Earnings aren’t stellar right now, but it is an excellent time to get a foot in the door and learn the delivery area while the pace is slower.