Buy Me a Cup of Coffee

If you visited this blog last week, then again this week, you’ve noticed a small change: at the bottom of every post is a link where you can “buy me a cup of coffee.”  I’ve also posted my thoughts and feelings on advertising on this blog, namely that I have decided I will not be running the “Ads by Google” or yahoo, or any other computer generated content-matched ads because they tend to promote things I avoid myself and urge others to avoid as well.  So this blog will be supported by donations and any profit generated from my cafepress store.

The plugin that does the little icon and link at the bottom of the posts originally was for beer LOL  Well, I think I did enough drinking back in my army days to last the rest of my lifetime, so I have switched to coffee.  Truth be told, I am lousy at making a cup of coffee though!

Before I got on the Dave Ramsey plan, I used to hang out at the local coffee shop and have a weakness for their mocha mint cappacinos, hold the whipped cream.  Those ran me about $3.50 per very large cup.  Since getting on my huge debt reduction kick, I have totally cut out the coffee shop visits.  This blow was softened by the fact that hubby makes a great cup of coffee.  I can’t figure out what or how, but his coffee always tastes like it came from a coffee shop.

Now the real dilemna is that hubby has been in South Korea since November, and is not due back until mid-November (two and a half months til I get a great cup of coffee!) so I have had to suffer with my pitiful coffee-making skills.  So I have reverted to a trick I learned in the army to make not-so-great and even bad coffee palatable: I add hot chocolate mix instead of cream or sugar.  If you’ve ever had bad army field coffee, you understand LOL

So until we are out of debt and have our fully funded emergency fund, I will not be visiting any of the coffee shops (cry, whine) but suffering with my bad coffee.  If you’d like to buy me a cup of real coffee, be sure to notate that when you click the link!  Otherwise, I will treat it like I do what used to be my coffee fund: apply it towards debt reduction.  Also, I have already had someone donate some money with the stipulation I use it to go ut to eat with my son, since surely he is suffering under my Draconian budget as well LOL  I will honor that wish on Saturday, with a trip to the chinese buffet so I can be assured the growing boy will actually get filled up and not want to snack an hour later.