Money Matters for All Ages

Over the past ten days, a whole bunch of us personal finance bloggers banded together to do the series “Money Matters for All Ages.”  I participated last week, and promised to give y’all a full round-up at the completion of the project.  So, without further ado:

  • Financial Strategies for Infants and Young Children by Madison (the math nerd).  This is for those of y’all who love to plan ahead long-term and are in a position to take full advantage of the power of compounding interest, along with some great tax tips for new parents. 
  • Teaching Pre-Scoolers about Money by Paid Twice.  This mom for pre-schoolers doesn’t expect them to make out zero-based budgets just yet but explains how she has taught her “littles” what money means and where it comes from.
  • Personal Finance for Children and Pre-Teens by Lynnae of  Lynnae has one of each, and has different expectations for these two age groups.  She breaks down what she does and how she does it for the children age group (6-9 years) and also the pre-teen age group (10-12 years).
  • Teach Your Teen the Basics of Money Management by GLBLguy.  Gibble goes into the nuts-n-bolts of preparing a teen for real life money handling and management, using his experiences with his 13 year old son.
  • Money Advice for My Teenage Son by ME! :)  This is all the things I hope my 14 year old son will learn and internalize about money.
  • College Money Matters by Mrs Micah.  She just recently graduated from college, and shares her experience with getting through a four year degree with no student loans.
  • Money Matters for All Ages-the 20’s by Patrick.  Looking back over his “roaring twenties” Patrick gives some advice on how these years can be the foundation for prosperity.
  • Financial Advice for Your Twenties by Emily.  Emily also looks back over her twenty-something years, and has some good advice about traps the twenty-something crowd can (and do) fall into…she speaks from experience.
  • Money Matters for All Ages…The Chaotic Thirties by Pinyo.  I second Pinyo’s statement that the thirties are a very chaotic decade with home buying, children, marriage, saving for kids’ college, saving for retirement, and worrying about parents nearing retirement age…
  • Personal Finance Advice for Your 30s by MyTwoDollars.  How to build your finances, while you are “still young enough to figure out a video game,” from the non-kid perspective.
  • The Forty-Year-Old’s Wake-Up Call by Randall.  Ummm…can I hit the snooze button on this one??  What to do if you wake one morning to the “Big Four-Oh” and wonder how that happened.  Yeah, it’s gonna be me in about five years…
  • Retirement Objectives in Your 50’s by Randall.  Randall was on a roll LOL and takes a look at how much fun empty-nesters can have planning for that perfect retirement, with advice on the ways to make it happen.
  • You’re in Your 50s-Wake Up and Start Saving! by Ryan.  If you haven’t amassed a nest egg by the “Bigger Five-Oh” Ryan says it’s not too late to start.  Some great ideas on how to play “catch up” if you are a procrastinator like me.
  • Easing Into the Golden Years: The 60s and Beyond by Ciaran (we call him “Chance”).  Chance is a certified financial planner and has some advice on how to ease into retirement, rather than waking up one day wondering what to do with yourself.
  • The 4% Retirement Rule by Four Pillars.  A nuts-n-bolts look at just how to keep that nestegg intact for 25 years or more using mathematics…hey I was looking for this a few days ago!  FP is a Canadian, but the rule works on this side of the border also.
  • Retirement in the U.K. by plonkee.  It’s fun to see how things are the same and different on the other side of the “Pond” as well as be reminded on how the U.S. and England are spearated by a common language.

Whew…that’s a lot of reading!  Good thing it’s a Friday :)  and I hope you take the time to read through all these life stages as they pertain to money so you can plan ahead and prosper.