Get Out of Debt Programs

Well yesterday I was talking about Crown Financial since my mom has indicated a strong interest in that.  Last night Randall from Credit Withdrawal asked if I would be interested in listening to some audio files from John Cummata (not linking, sorry folks…) to review, who says about the same thing as Dave Ramsey and Crown.  I was definitely curious, since the person who owns the non-hyphenated version of my domain (not linking, although I’d love to buy it) has a John Cummata website up.

I have to say, after listening to one set of audio files …. Dave Ramsey is more interesting and entertaining!  John Cummata basically has the same advice, and the same examples, but is much more low-key.  Dave Ramsey critics charge that Dave is abrasive and arrogant at times as well as accusations he “butchers” the English language with Southernisms (which I have no problem understanding since I also live in Tennessee) but he is also humorous, entertaining, and catches and holds your attention.  John Cummata is calm … after twelve audio files I still haven’t heard him get excited or raise his voice.

Also, while browsing on Google about John Cummata, and visiting his website I was hit with THREE pop-ups after I closed the page, with the first being a chat box with a “virtual assistant” who didn’t really answer any of my questions about whether or not the Cummata program had anything for someone who is already out of consumer debt.  As a regular web surfer, I find pop-ups beyond annoying.  As a webmaster in a former life, I know they also tend to work.  But three is a little excessive…

I also have to say I am not really liking his presentation style.  To me, John Cummata comes across like a slick used car salesman who just won’t take “No” for an answer.  I also can’t find his radio program online (maybe I just didn’t browse back far enough on the Google results page).  And to be honest I am still torqued about those pop-ups … and the “virtual assistant” who sounded more like a chatbot than a real person.

I guess my advice on John Cummata would be: get it for less on eBay!  Stay off his site unless you have a stronger pop-up blocker than I have (and I thought mine was pretty good!) or unless you enjoy toying with virtual assistants in a chat box.  If you can find it at the library for free, or borrow it from a friend, then go ahead and listen.  The message itself isn’t bad if you are still in debt.  The sales technique leaves quite a bit to be desired.

 I’ll stick with Dave Ramsey for free on my radio when the signal is clear or listen online when the Nashville station is staticky.  Yes, I have paid for Dave Ramsey’s books …. after I read them for free from the library!  In fact I am working on the idea of giving one or two of them away here on the blog.

Oh, back to Crown who also has a radio show with co-founder Howard Dayton, available on their website for free.  Their books are surprisingly inexpensive, but then again Crown is a declared 503(c) non-profit so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise.  The more I see of Cummata this morning, the happier I am my mom is latching onto Crown.  In my not-so-humble opinion, Crown is definitely the best alternative for a Christian person ( which Mom is) who just isn’t inspired by Dave Ramsey.