Carnival of Debt Reduction #130

So my spring break is over.  I worked five nights instead of the four scheduled, and we got snow on both my nights off.  There’s still patches of snow in my yard from Friday night’s freak winter storm.  Snow on spring break in Tennessee?  I would have never thought it possible … but then again some folks think getting out of debt forever is impossible as well LOL

Which brings us to this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction (I thought that was a rather smooth segue).  It was a small carnival this time, but I still have a couple of standouts  to highlight as Editor’s Choice:

  • Amanda from Me Vs Debt recalls her “dumbest purchase ever” which turned out to be a debt reduction scam!  A cautionary tale about the perils of paying some company to do what you can do better for yourself, especially when the company just disappears…
  • Vicki from Chic Saver brings her readers up to speed on her progress and her potential problems … and how she has a rock-solid plan to cope even though it will delay her debt reduction plans.  A wise strategy!

And now for the rest of the posts that made the cut for this week’s carnival of debt reduction:

  • Christine from Me My Kids And Life takes a hard look at the age old Needs vs Wants
  • Get Financially Fit lays out a simple but effective plan to eliminate debt
  • Peter Anderson from Bible Money Matters recounts his Five Biggest Money Mistakes in another meme going around
  • Paid Twice has an interesting essay on the Irony of Debt, and it’s one that will make you stop and think!
  • Ryan Healy from Debt Reduction Formula explains how he is using a Prosper loan to cut his interest on his credit cards (this is the first blogger I’ve come across to write from the borrower’s perspective)
  • Mr DebtBeater is using lower interest credit cards to “float” or “surf” his higher-interest credit card balances to save on finance charges (just be careful, Mr DB!)
  • Small Cents does a February wrap up of her progress, and celebrates since it really is progress
  • No Debt Plan tackles an issue I’ve been intending to get around to: procrastination and what it means in his life
  • Simple Mom examines the idea of “sinking funds” and how it applies to someone working the Dave Ramsey plan, especially someone still in the debt reduction phase
  • Free Money Finance asks if it’s worth it to get a store credit card for the promotional discount savings … and says no (I don’t think store credit cards are ever worth it, personally)
  • And finally, another humorous poem from Madelaine Begun Kane titles “Loan Poem“  I think it’s a limerick (but I have never been good with poetry)

And there you have it, another week of debt reduction link fun :)  Be sure to hit this post and the particpating posts with the social networking love if you have it, leave some encouragement in their comments, highlight your favorites on your blog,  and enjoy your day!  As always, I need another cup of coffee….