Mow The Lawn And Get In Shape

This is a guest post from Mike at Quest For Four Pillars, who is pinch-hitting for me while I attend my cousin’s funeral.  Thanks Mike!  Be sure to check out his blog, and if it appeals to you be sure to subscribe.

I’m a big fan of exercise in order to stay in shape. One of the things that I try to do is to get some exercise doing normal chores around the house so that I can increase my fitness without having spend extra time or money going to a gym. A great way to get some solid exercise during the summer months is to mow the lawn with a manual lawn mower.

Now you might be thinking that your yard is too big. Well, how about doing part of the lawn with the manual mower and then hop on your 8-cylinder rider for the remainder? Now I can accept that some people are not healthy enough to do manual work but everyone else should be capable of doing part or all of their lawn with a manual mower.

Reasons why you should be using a manual lawn mower

  • Exercise - this particular workout doesn’t cost you any money, no time to get to the gym and is time that you would doing a chore anyways
  • Save money - manual mowers are cheaper than any other kind of mowers and the maintenance is much less
  • Good for the environment - you aren’t using any electricity or polluting with a gasoline engine
  • Quiet - electric and gas mowers are very loud, which is annoying to the person mowing as well as everyone else in a half mile radius

You can buy a pretty good manual mower for about $100 so even if you already own a mower then you can sell it and buy a manual mower. Your health will thank you.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s another post on manual mowing from the Good Human.

I’d like to add a quick note: the Army still uses these manual push mowers, especially my old unit on Fort Campbell.  The commanders believed it was great exercise for soldiers on extra duty!