Hubby is now listening to Dave Ramsey!

OK, now I have some really good news…more than just one piece!  Last night after I got home from picking my son up in Indiana I checked on the college website to see if any progress had been made with my financial aid packet that is still being processed.  My Federal Pell Grant has been upped to a little over $2000 for the school year!  That’s less money coming out of the debt snowball!

Then I got to “talk” online with my husband, who started the conversation off by telling me he was finally listening to the Financial Peace University audio files I had burned to CD and sent him a few months ago.  I was overjoyed!  He’s finally listening to Dave Ramsey!  More than that, he said not only are those CDs informative, but they are entertaining as well.

So just what got him to finally listen after having the CDs for a while and putting it off?  Apparently, hubby doesn’t follow directions too well…he read the previous post on “how we eliminate debt.”  Even though I said in the first paragraph I wanted it to be a surprise for him and he should skip it LOL  But then again, I can understand the temptation…curiosity did kill the cat as they say, but satisfaction brought her back.   The idea that I had found a way to make monster truck payments piqued his curiosity enough to get him to listen, and he was rolling through them in rapid succession as I talked to him.  Yes, folks…he even listened to the debt myths about cars in the Dumping Debt segment!

What’s even better is he seems to be “catching the debt-killing fever” and wanted to go over his budget to see if he can up his truck payment a little!  We ran the numbers, and it looks like he can throw another $100 a month on it.  With the revised tuition numbers it now looks like we can have that stupid truck loan paid off around April…and that doesn’t include the tax return we’ll be getting (I know..paperwork stupidity).  Every time that payoff date gets revised to be closer to the present, I get very happy because that is our last debt other than the mortgage and the Big Debt Freedom Day for us.