Paying Bills is Fun Now

Yeah, y’all read that one right…paying bills is FUN now…now that I have the money budgeted properly and the stress is gone from it.  Have I mentioned just how important this budgeting idea really is to me??

 For instance, yesterday the cable bill came in the mail.  It’s a funny number: $67.67  Well, looking at the budget board I see I have $74 budgeted since that is how much last month’s bill was.  I’m not completely sure where the reduction is, but hey I’m not complaining LOL

The utilities have already come out of the account, and the electric bill was “only” $145, which is a vast improvement over last year’s August bill of $220.  The gas and water bill was $36, which was a little more than the previous month but my son came home from his dad’s and tends to take longer showers than I do.  In the next week I expect the phone bill to show up and that has been at $20-21 for the past year since I cut the long distance and all the little extras they try so hard to sign me up for.

The main expense I have had in the past two weeks that I didn’t have on the budget board was buying my college textbooks, and that is why y’all were treated to the college textbook rant last week.  That and I was not expecting to need to buy THREE books for organic chem lab plus the little plastic tinker toys to construct the molecular models.  At least I got the big clunky textbook for free this semester LOL

So basically, if it’s in the budget, I don’t stress it.  In fact, I will write the check for the cable bill and put it in the mail after I get done posting this.  Now that everything is neatly budgeted for, I can pay bills as soon as they come in now, with a one day turnaround for sending them off.  Another cool thing in the budget is that we are down to just the mortgage, utilities, insurance, and the stupid truck note, which will soon be sold … but that’s for another post :)