Best Pizza of Clarksville

Well, as most of y’all know I switched jobs this week, going from a “pizza delivery expert” at Domino’s to a driver at a little independent shop … that just won the “Best of Clarksville” in the pizza category last night (Thursday).  The owner is estatic, of course.

What has me feeling very happy is that the owner is listening to me on ideas to bring up business.  I joked with him at the beginning of the evening on whether he had the sign changed from “nominee” to “winner” before midnight (he did).  He aslo mentioned he took menus to the motels up by the highway as I had suggested during our interview last weekend.  As he was checking me out at the end of the shift I asked him about how soon he was going to do up a flyer since he now has bragging rights.  He asked how I would make up the flyer.  A few sketches and a few ideas bounced back and forth later and I left him an outline and the suggestion to make it printed up on bright colored paper.  I am amusedly wondering if he hired me as a delivery driver or a marketing consultant LOL but it really makes me feel good to have my voice heard once more.  The better his business is, the more pizzas I get to deliver and the more tips I can make!

The tips are actually better here at the little independent pizza store.  I have heard this from other delivery drivers before, and I think it may have something to do with the “mom-and-pop” image versus the “big corporate behemoth” image.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: one of the first questions a coworker asked me yesterday was if I was in school on campus, because he recognized my Dave Ramsey bumper stickers on my car :)