Debt Free Revolution to host Carnival of Debt Reduction

Debt reduction is a major key to anyone’s financial plan. I prefer to go a few steps further and personally advocate total debt annihilation. Eliminate debt completely is my motto! My goal is to be debt free except for my mortgage by the end of this year. If we can sell hubby’s stupid tax on wheels before the New Years’ then we will accomplish that goal.

In that spirit…Yes, it is happening again!  I will be hosting the Carnival of Debt Reduction, a topic very near and dear to my heart right now.  Those of y’all who have a blog and write about debt reduction, please submit your posts here.  Those of y’all who are eager to read about debt reduction, tune in right here on Monday, and I will put it together once I wake up and fire up the coffeemaker. 

Since I am a bit “rabid” on the subject, I’d like to offer a few guidelines for those of y’all who are submitting posts for the carnival.  Please, please, make sure they pertain to debt REDUCTION!  Please don’t submit articles on how to get more debt, or various other off topic subjects.  I do welcome personal stories of how debt has adversely affected your finances and life, in fact that is the spirit that moved me to start this blog.  So fellow bloggers, grab the link to what you feel is your best debt reduction post from the past month and send it my way!  I will be naming my editor’s picks again…let’s see who gets the gold stars for this month.  By the way, I intend to host this particular blog carnival on a very regular basis.