Carnival of Debt Reduction #109

I’ve pried my eyelids open, am almost to the bottom of my first cup of coffee (Can you tell I am not a morning person?), and have fifteen good submissions to this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction!

Debt reduction takes support for the long haul, as Editor’s Pick The Happy Rock discusses in Principles in Action #2 : Accountability and Friends Can Save Your Finances.  It also takes a basic paradigm shift for you, as Single Guy Money talks about in Have YOU changed your behavior?   Eric from A Penny Closer demonstrates this resolve to change behavior in Keeping Out of Debt - The Speakers.  Ispf from Grad Money Matters compares the attitudes before, after, and back in Student Debt, Entitlement Attitude and Other Thoughts.

Now that you’re in the zone with the mindset, it’s time to get to some nuts ‘n’ bolts of reducing that debt.  Eric Stanley from Personal Finance Blog Articles kicks it off with Three Rules for Financial Freedom. Erin from Working For Financial Freedom shows Why Creativity Will Help You Get Out of Debt, and Tim Ramsey from My Debt Relief Blog starts you off with 5 Ways to Try and Reduce Your Debts and Outgoings. Then PaidTwice digs out the details for her Snowflaking - A Primer to actually hack away at those pesky debts. No Credit Needed - Podcast breaks out the microphone for his podcast with two very good ways to reduce debt in No Credit Needed Podcast Episode 50 - Eliminate Fees Brand Loyalty Financial Planning.

Frugality dovetails nicely with debt reduction, and Lynnae from shows how she is Starting your own business the frugal way, while Stephanie from Stop The Ride has Frugal Recommendations for New Parents - TT #12 to keep the little bundles of joy from being bundles of debt.

No Credit Needed - Blog has a Reader Poll - Are You Debt Free? - Share Your Story at his written blog, while plonkee wonders does debt-free mean mortgage-free?

For those who aren’t done using their credit reports, Aaron Wakling from the Credit & Credit Card Blog discusses Credit Checks - What They Are And What You Need To Know and Patrick from CashMoneyLife talks about the different types of credit card users and asks Which Type of Credit Card User Are You?

And if this just wasn’t enough blog carnivaling for you, Mighty Bargain Hunter hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance #122 and included my One Good Financial Decision and a Whole Lotta Bad Ones.  He even managed to fit all the entries into verse…Dr Suess style.  Either he’s more creative than I am, or he’s had more coffee this morning!  Now, on to my second cup…