A little weekend fun and links

It’s the weekend, which means I go out and taxi pizzas around (aka delivering pizzas) while most “normal” people are relaxing and having fun.  So I thought now would be the perfect time to toss up a couple of cute video clips I found on YouTube for entertainment purposes :)

First up is one of my My Total Money Makeover board buddies, which appeals to the latent pyromaniac inside me.  I tell ya, this clip makes me want to run out and buy a blowtorch for my credit cards!  Oh, the background music is SUCH a nice touch.

Next up has got to be my personal favorite!  Let’s combine firearms and destroying credit cards, and wrap it up with a humorous monlogue to boot.  If you have ever sat through a hunting show on TV you will  get a real kick out of this one, simply titled “Hunting Plastic.”

Now, for a little link love for “my homies” in the M-Network:

Enoy the videos, and enjoy the links :)  Hopefully I’ll be making good tip money tonight…or simply get my homeowrk done for physics class tomorrow night before the test.