Finals Week

OK, yesterday I had two tests, and it sucked.  I studied the “wrong” things for my organic chem test…so it looks like I will be retaking organic chemistry over the summer for a better grade.  I just didn’t have any wiggle room and I don’t think my lab grade can salvage much.  I do still have the comprehensive final on Tuesday…and if each of the section tests were too much information to study for, the final is going to be a nightmare to study for!  And I still have one more lab report due.

The physics test last night seemed too easy, which worries me since I just don’t think like a physics geek should.  To think I started the semester out with an A in that class…now I’ll be happy with a by-the-skin-of-my-teeth B if I get very lucky!  That final is Monday night.

So if I don’t post for about a week, y’all will know I fried my few remaining brain cells on Finals Week!  Wish me luck, cuz I sure need it…