You CAN Get Out of Debt!

The past couple days I have been on this kick started by my father-in-law who insists people “need” to have credit to survive, and plonkee’s comment that I am “insistant.”  Plonkee asserts that not only am I insistant that *I* will get out of debt, but I am insistant that ANYONE can get out of debt if they really want to and really try.  As you can tell by the title…that is today’s post.

The first thing to getting out of debt is wanting to get out of debt.  It may sound strange until you consider how many people have given up on the notion. 

“You’ll always have a car note…” (auto loan payment)

“You’ll always have the house note…” (mortgage)

“You can’t survive without a credit card…”

Why make it easy for these money parasites to suck the cash right out of your bank account balance?  Get mad!  Get determined!  Say out loud: “I WILL get out of debt!”  Make a decision, make a plan (budget), then make it work for you!  This is where that whole “power of positive thinking” and “law of attraction” concepts come into play: in your mind.  Another corny but very true phrase that comes to mind is “If you can believe it you can achieve it.”

Folks, I hate to sound didactic here, but it’s just the truth: If I can do it then anyone can.  Many of y’all couldn’t even pay your necessities on what we bring home between hubby’s E-4 Army pay, my VA Disability, and my pizza delivery money.  That includes you PaidTwice, with your little snowflakes towards your debt…eventually they will roll up into a snowball…then an avalanche.  Just keep the faith.  That includes you Lynnae, even with your income problems right now because you know how to play good defense by making every dollar stretch.  The income will come back, and then your frugal skills will get the most out of it.  I’m picking on these two ladies because they particpated in my “If I were debt free” meme and both sound uncertain they can make it.  Get determined…get bullheaded if you must.  It’s working for me, and it will for you also!

If it’s good enough for these gals, then it’s good enough for everyone who reads my blog.  If you don’t like the Dave Ramsey way, then there are plenty other ways out there to get out of debt.  Personally, it doesn’t matter to me if you use the Dave Ramsey snowball or the interest-rate first snowball or something you dream up (and if it works then you can write a book about it also LOL).  The important thing is that people get out from under the stress of owing more than they make.  And Mom, if you read this…that means YOU too can get out of debt, even if you don’t think you are as stubborn as I am.

It’s all about the mindset folks, so let me hear y’all scream it in the comments.  So, who’s getting out of debt with me???