Slow Week So Here’s Some Links

As y’all can probably tell, I’ve been having a slow week idea-wise here.  I didn’t blow anything up in chem lab this week … so no inspirations like last week LOL  although as expected my percentage yield was pitiful.

I am still censoring myself about the latest rate cut from the Fed.  Y’all may recall I was pretty unhappy about last week’s rate cut…so as you can probably imagine my opinion of this latest cut is as expletive-laden as an old Sam Kinison routine - which leaves very few words left to write after the bleepity-bleeps get taken out.  I’ve been reading on the internet a lot trying to understand the reasoning behind these rate cuts.  Apparently I am not the only one who is mystified by this.

I did particpate in some blog carnivals this past weekend:

  • My first ever submission to the Festival of Frugality made it in: my post “Crock Pot Finances“
  • I submitted my post It Blew Up In My Face (about last week’s fateful chem lab) to the 44th Carnival of Money Stories
  • And *of course* I submitted to the 124th Carnival of Debt Reduction which was interestingly enough hosted by Madison of My Dollar Plan…y’all know…that person I had the Great Credit Card Debate with!  She thought my post on Reluctant Spouses, Compromise, and Debt Reduction was good enough to be an editor’s pick.

I’ll do a wrap-up  on this week’s bloggin project tomorrow after all the articles have been posted so I can link to everything at one time, which will give everyone a chance to read over the weekend before we dive into yet another multi-PF blog project :)

Finally, lemme toss this out to y’all:  What would y’all - the readers -  like to see here on DebtFreeRevolution?