Carnival of Debt Reduction 126: Success, Progress, Attitudes, and Steps

Here we go again, another Carnival of Debt Reduction, my personal favorite of course!  LOL  I thought about doing a Valentine’s Day theme, but the entries lent themselves to a different angle so why fight the current of thought?

SUCCESS: The Ultimate Inspiration!  These bloggers have experienced their personal successes at reducing or eliminating their debt, and share with you.  I don’t know about y’all but I draw great inspiration from reading about others who have gone through the same debt ordeal and emerged triumphant.

METHODS to use to reduce or eliminate your debt.  We’ve all got’em, and these bloggers share theirs big and small.

  • Patrick Sizemore gives a harsh lesson for college students who should make a college budget.  He doesn’t pull any punches, but I know a lot of my classmates who need this in-your-face approach before they dig themselves too deep.
  • Will Fox goes over how he went about creating a budget that works for him.  I’ve often said a budget is the key to getting your personal finances under control!
  • Shawna shares her secret to debt reduction success … nope, not gonna give it away, but this one is good for those who have trouble with the idea that debt reduction isn’t any fun.
  • Brooke has a simple yet effective way to pay off the mortgage early.  Such a simple concept, yet it works every single time.
  • Raymond has a list of zero interest credit cards that can be used to surf balances while you are in the trenches fighting those high balances.  Not to bust your chops, Ray…but I don’t recommend his other use for these.
  • Meanwhile, Veteran Military Wife has a few things for you to consider before you switch credit cards again.  An interesting flip side to Raymond’s post.
  • simple nickel goes over what APR is and just how it can kick you in the teeth if you aren’t careful.
  • vh examines the break-even point in her debate on whether to refinance or not.  Always something to think about before you refinance to lower your mortgage payment!
  • Michael Bass discusses reasons to stop using credit and pay with cash.  Lots of good examination on this controversial PF blogging topic!
  • Jeremy Zongker discusses statutes of limitations on debt in a very lawyerly fashion, so if you’ve got an old debt dogging you, arm yourself with facts!

ATTITUDES: about debt, about getting out of debt, and about how your money affects your life in general.  Relax on the couch for a minute, and read as these bloggers delve into the psychological side of debt.

Whew, that’s a lot of blogging for just my first cup of coffee!  Next week, PaidTwice gets to slog through all the blog posts to put together a coherent carnival :)  No pressure, PT!  LOL