It’s now OFFICIAL!!!  I talked to one of hubby’s credit union’s customer service representatives who officially closed out the truck note!!  We have officially finished Baby Step Two, which is paying off all debt except the mortgage!!!!

I’m bouncing around, all happy and excited.  LOL  Just got off the phone with hubby, who said he is excited and happy also.  He also is looking forward to making up a new budget without big honking debt payments in it!

Here are the quick stats:

  • Just shy of fourteen months.  Started on 29th of December, 2006.  Finished TODAY the 26th of February, 2008.
  • Three “Murphy visits” totalling $1140 in January 2007, $538 in May 2007, and $509 in December 2007.
  • Approximately $25,500 in non-mortgage debt paid off (not including amounts paid prior to starting the program … don’t wanna think about all the years of debt payments!)
  • Two tax refunds and one part-time pizza delivery job applied in addition to regular income.

Whoa!  Wow!  Did we really do that?  LOL  It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you get mad enough and determined enough.  Y’all will just have to imagine the amount of hope, excitement, and relief in my voice for this one:


Next goal: the big honkin’ CASH emergency fund (Baby Step Three).