Trip to Dave Ramsey’s Show Cancelled

Change of plans.  As some of y’all know I had planned to drive to Nashville today to go to Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace Plaza” and watch him do his radio show from the lobby and make my debt free call from there.  Well … there is this huge nasty winter storm loose in the area and I am just not brave enough to go into Nashville traffic in this kind of weather!  So I have cancelled my trip to go see the Dave Ramsey Show live.  :(

Right now the precipitation is mostly rain and the temperature is barely above freezing point.  It’s supposed to cross the line into snow around lunch time according to the most current weather forecast.  Call me a weenie, but I have seen how the Nashvillians drive!  Up here we refer to that city as “Crashville” especially during weather like this (no offense to the natives, but I learned how to drive up in NE Indiana).

So my “big day” has been shot all to get-out.  My fun evening plans for theatre and dinner and live music are in dire danger as well if the weather turns as forecast.  To top it all off, my sinuses went totally haywire yesterday and I have been hopped up on cold meds for about 36 hours just so I can breathe (NOW I am whining).

I’ll wait until mid-afternoon to call the local theatre and find out if opening night for Shakespeare is still on.  Everything is “on hold” right now, waiting to see which way the big snow moves.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if I get called into work tonight.  Further compounding the problem was last month’s announcement that the local governments were running out of road salt.   That was about two and a half winter storms ago.

So much for the best-laid plans….