The Aftermath of Yesterday’s Problems

OK, for several hours yesterday my poor blog was reduced to the ugly blue default theme and my sidebar disappeared.  After nine excruciating hours of trying to figure out which thingy went bad, the night tech support guy did one little thing and BOOM everything was back to pretty.

But, there were a few things lost … like my categories for all of my posts.  If there is a way to categorize posts in batches, I haven’t heard about it yet, so it looks like I have to manually categorize about 170 old posts individually.  I may not get caught up until after finals LOL so please be patient.

The other thing “lost” but not really is the little “Share This” widget plugin critter at the bottom of each post.  The one I used, called “Gregarious” was where the problem yesterday *started* although it quickly cascaded into a whole bunch of other things in my admin.  I’m feeling a little gunshy about turning that one back on, so fellow bloggers: anyone have suggestions?  I actually like the ones that put the tiny icon across the bottom of each post, but don’t know what it/they is/are called.

Oh, one other thing not brought back is the “Buy me a Cup of Coffee” plugin-widget thingy.  I guess it was a bit of overkill in conjunction with my donate button.  I still refuse to run Google AdSense because of content, so this blog is still supported by donation at this point.  Just remember I would rather you be debt free before you donate!

Finally, this one is from a week ago, but some of y’all probably noticed a new little widget critter in the sidebar underneath my book recommendations.  It’s called “Entrecard” and is an active community of bloggers (free to join) where you can earn credits to advertise on other blogs.  I’m enjoying it, and have found some interesting new blogs through it.  The “Internet business card” that changes every 24 hours is some blog’s ad, and if you are an EC member you’ll see the “drop” bar to leave yours.  It’s more productive than sacking medieval castles in a five year old video game LOL  But do check out the advertised blogs (they have all been approved by me before they show here, remember I am way too picky about what ads are allowed on my site).