Debt Free Revolution Comment Policy

I’m mad.  I just got done stripping a spam link out of a comment this morning, and the underhanded sneaky way the spam commenter tried to slip it past me just infuriates me.  Yesterday I had to strip author links out of comments because they linked to spam.

Folks, I wrote a comment policy page because of crap like this.  I don’t think I can be any clearer on the subject.  I hate that I had to put up a comment policy to begin with, but unfortunately there are spammers who will stoop to any level here on the World Wild Web.

Open post to spammers: YOU WILL NOT GET THROUGH ON THIS BLOG!!!!  Even if you get past my spam filter by writing a good, relevant comment, your link will NOT survive my review!  Take your payday loan links and credit/debt consolidation scam links elsewhere!

I reserve the right to strip out spam links from author links and from the body of comments.  I clearly state this on my comment policy page.  I am the one who determines what is spam.  My definition is quite simple: if you are pushing a product, especially a product I am against, that link will get stripped.  If I click through to check a link to see if it is a relevant addition to the conversation, and get hit with ANY pop-ups, the link will be stripped.  If you are trying to push something I am opposed to (like payday loan crap) even in a blog post, I will strip that link out unless it is REALLY well-written, and then I will edit in a caveat to my readers.

I don’t know how I can possibly use any plainer language here without resorting to colorful expressions learned in the factories and Army that can peel paint off the walls.

I WILL NOT TOLERATE COMMENT SPAM, so give it up!  You ain’t slick enough to get past ME, even if you can weasel past my spam killer plugin.

Now … are there ANY questions from you comment spammers?