Comment Policy

The recent onslaught of spam has necessitated the posting of a comment policy for this blog:

  • Blatant spam will be NUKED.  I don’t tolerate spam, and I *DO* moderate my comments.  Since this is my blog, it is my definition of spam that is official.
  • Links to questionable products, or products I simply cannot and will not endorse will be stripped out.  My stance on various financial products are very clear on this blog: when in doubt read the archives.  Don’t try to disguise it in an otherwise good comment either.  I check all links appearing in my comments, even (and especially) in the body of the comment, and WILL NUKE SPAM LINKS.
  • You do not need to include a link to your personal blog within the body of the comment, since the author link will do just fine.  Only pertinent specific post links that add to the conversation will be left alone in the comment body.
  • If you are going to try a partial or full scrape of my posts…AT LEAST get my name right!  I am not “unknown” or “admin” or worse yet your male name…I am Ana.  Oh, even if you do get my name right, I’ll still nuke your trackback.  Write your own posts.

If you are a real person, and engaging in real comments, then you have nothing to worry about.  I do believe in free speech so I do let comments that disagree with me stand.  Spam and scam get censored though.

A note to blogspot users: Due to that being a favorite place for scrapers to set up spam blogs, trackbacks from blogspot do not show up.  I apologize that my spam blocker plugin throws the baby out with the bathwater in regards to trackbacks, although comments with author links using blogspot still get through.