Blog Carnivals and Giving

Right now in my comments, someone has made a reference to tithing.  As a non-Jewish Non-Christian and Non-Moslem person, I am under absolutely no moral or religious obligation to tithe or even to give.  However, based on my personal experience, I believe that what you send out does come back to you eventually.  So, as a person who knows she is still a part of this world and community (offline and online) I do give when I feel moved to do so.

Tuesday I gave in a rather unusual way: I had my hair chopped off.  Yes, I went from long hair to a very short hair cut, and the portion of my hair I had cut off was donated to Locks of Love, which makes wigs for children who lose their hair due to a medical reason.  For anyone who is interested in doing the same, you only need to have 10 inches of hair cut off and my hair salon ships to them directly.  Just ask whomever cuts your hair about it.

I’ve mentioned before I also donate blood to the American Red Cross for their blood drives on campus.  I haven’t been able to accomplish that yet this year, as it has been touch and go dodging the flu bug that is terrorizing campus.  Hopefully it will pass soon and I can get back to doing that.  I’ve met someone online who has the same blood type as I do who received transfusions at the same time I was giving last year.  He thanked me profusely for being a blood donor, and speculated at the possibility that he may have received some of my blood.  Pretty neat.

And, this weekend is the Easter holiday weekend.  While I personally don’t celebrate Easter, I do have the day off from work and will be out and about looking for a lucky waitress or waiter to give an extravagant tip to.  Most people working the diner and restaurant tables on Easter will be Christians, but they are more than likely working because their boss or bank account balance tells them they must work.  I know it makes my night to receive a great tip … and after the Christmas Eve tipping expedition I know it really brightens others’ jobs.  Don’t look for me in the fancy restaurants though, but do make sure I have plenty of coffee LOL

Now to share a little link love for everyone who hosted blog carnivals this week:

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