My Podcast Debut - Interview on Field Guide

The podcast interview went off without too much trouble LOL considering I was a bit nervous and there was a typo in the call-in number at first.  Since I used to be in the Army and lived under the “be five minutes prior to the five minutes prior,” that glitch was fixed before the show was scheduled to start.  Big thank you to Duane of All American Blogger for inviting me to speak on his Field Guide to American Politics podcast show (direct link to my interview).

I’m listening to it now, and my immediate reaction is: I don’t sound like that!  My son disagreed with me when I said it out loud.  I sound almost like a female version of Dave Ramsey LOL but my voice sounds “funny” to my ears.

We didn’t talk politics, but we did cover all the questions he had sent me in email.  We talked about making a budget, setting up an emergency fund, saving money when buying things, the debt snowball, and of course just how great life is once I became debt free.  He asked me about why I started the blog, and where I get my inspiration.  We also talked about marketing and resisting impulse buying.

Hubby is now chuckling at hearing me on the internet.  Of course he hears all of these things every day.  Now, if you want to (and are brave enough) you can hear it also.