Finals Finally Over

The tests have been taken, the projects are all turned in, and the only thing left for this spring semester is to wait for the grades to be posted!  Thanks to everyone for their “good luck” wishes, it apparently worked with the organic chemistry final test: the professor posted the grades last night and by some strange miracle I got an 81 on it!  This professor combines the lecture and lab grades, so I still have to wait to get my final grade, but my prospects of passing  have improved greatly.  As for my other class this semester, forensic chemistry, I am hoping for an A :) but will be pleased with a B.

Now that the semester is over, it means I can actually read books for fun and personal enrichment, instead of frantically trying to absorb information to regurgitate for a test!  I’ll finally get a chance to read the book I won from Millionaire Money Habits called The Rules of Money, which he highly recommends. 

I may also read the promo copy of Does Your Bag Have Holes, which the author sent to me to review, although after listening to the audio CD  included with the book I am not so sure I am this book’s target audience.  This book is aimed at Christians (which I am not) and actually makes Dave Ramsey’s books sounds secular.  I think I’ll fire up the audio again this afternoon and provide a short review soon.

Also I will now have time to tackle that project I mentioned yesterday: compiling a “stagflation survival guide for money.”  I intend to do some personal interviews of those who are a decade older than I am and who lived through the 70s period of stagflation as an adult with or without money!  Any of y’all readers who lived through that time and wish to share experiences and tips, please email me (imdebtfree at debtfree-revolution dot com) and I will include it.

I’ve been wanting to write an ebook over the summer, and honestly was having problems deciding on a topic for it since I write about several different things here on the blog.  I figured I would throw it open to suggestions: what should I write about?

  • Getting out of debt?
  • Aggressive budgeting how-to?
  • Pizza delivery?
  • Attending college as a 35 year old mom?  Without student loans?
  • My ode to coffee and how this blog wouldn’t exist without it?
  • or should I make the stagflation survivial guide that ebook?

Chime in!  I know y’all have opinions ;) and I do enjoy reading them.