Back from Vacation

Just a quick post-n-run.  We got back from Florida last night, sunburned and with select souveniers (other than the sunburns).  A few totally random observations:

  • Gas prices are much higher in Florida and Atlanta.
  • Higher gas prices have NOT improved Atlanta’s rush hour traffic.  It is still my least favorite city to drive through, especially when fate decrees you hit it at 5 PM almost exactly.
  • Fewer RVs on the highways from what I saw, which is an improvement in my very opinionated opinion.
  • Lots of Florida and Georgia plates on vehicles in St Augustine (lovely little tourist trap town, we simply must go back again!) which means folks are staying closer to home for their vavcation fun.
  • As a related note, we picked up several Tennessee tourist info brochures on the way back so we can do little day-trips for fun before hubby deploys.

I’ll gather up coherent thoughts in a day or so for an update on hubby and investing (other than his desire to buy lotto tickets).  Right now the dog and cats are oh-so-happy we are home, and making it difficult to do much LOL