My Tuition Paid Finally

I finally got things squared away with registering for fall classes.  Good thing … the semester officially starts tomorrow!  I start on Monday at the indecent hour of 0800 (8 AM for civilians), but that was the only time biochemistry is offered this fall.

I had my tuition money saved up and tucked away, but it still hurts authorizing a $2021 payment.  Especially after all the headache, pain, and phone calls needed to simply accomplish registration!  Apparently I hit some kind of odd glitch, even though the registrars office refuses to call it that.  I ended up talking to the chemistry department chair to get an override to get me into a class that I was already qualified for.  His called the registration software system “a challenge at times.”  I informed him he was much much more diplomatic than we students are.

I never thought I would miss the days of physically going to campus to register for classes using pieces of paper and standing in line …. but at least then we could talk to real people when problems popped up!