My Meme: If I were Debt Free…

Building on the whole Could the Debt-Free Concept Go Viral? theme I have decided to start up a new (?) meme that I am giving the really lame name of “If I were debt free…” said in the same tone as “If I had a million dollars…” daydreaming we all love to do.  So…what will I do when (not if) I am debt free?

First up, I’d be saving money like a madwoman!  I have four years of pharmacy school looming in front of me, and I really want to graduate withOUT any student (stupid) loans.  And once we are debt free, it will be very possible to accomplish.  Paying off what I have already has freed up $600 a month that used to go towards my car note, signature loan, and credit cards.  Once we get free of the stupid truck note, we will be able to save over half our monthly income!

Once I graduate from pharmacy school debt free and get my RPh, it will be “on like Donkey Kong” to quote both hubby and son.  Can y’all imagine what it will be like to earn over $40 an hour with the only debt being the mortgage?  Needless to say, my small mortgage will not survive long at all…then I will be truly debt free.  To be honest, that is difficult to imagine right now.

Once I do finally get completely debt free, I will need to work my tail off to make up for lost time in retirement savings (remember, I have a grand total of $350 at age 34!).  My seriously long-term goal is to get into investment real estate, because I love house hunting LOL  I will even house hunt for others!  For me it is great good fun, and of course there are always at least five properties I want to buy at any given time “if I had the money.”

So now the question is “What would YOU do if YOU were debt free?”  I’m gonna start it off by tagging my M-Network buddies Lynnae from and plonkee first, along with No Credit Needed from outside the M-Network and also on the “other side of the debt fence.”.  If you get tagged, just link back to this post and it will automatically put you into the trackbacks, and periodically I will post updates (especially if this gets big like Pinyo’s MOMA did) listing all the current “If I were debt free…” posts.

After this has gone live, the green 3 writes what she’d do if she were debt free, and glblguy from Gather Little By Little waves his hands at me saying “Tag me too!”