Interesting Weekend

I had an interesting weekend.  At work, I made some VERY good money delivering pizzas, with Friday being a somewhat slow start with only $31.50 in tips.  Oh, the new pizza delivery job does things different: at night we only take home tip money, and mileage pay is added into our checks and taxed.  Saturday may have started slow, but we were really hopping by nightfall and I ended up taking home $69 in tips for 14 deliveries!  Sunday night was the most interesting, with $47.50 earned in tips…and a customer who asked me “Do you know about Dave Ramsey?” when I responded to their “How are you doing?” with the code-phrase “Better than I deserve.”  This was the first time since I have been delivering pizzas that someone recognized the “code” and asked me that.

I think they are just starting out, because they asked how the plan was working for me.  I was feeling in a hurry and didn’t linger to chat, and I now regret that, but there were more pizzas to be delivered.  Since they asked me if I knew about Dave Ramsey, I in turn asked them if they had used a DEBIT card instead of a credit card for their order.  LOL They did.  This is cool, because I haven’t met up with anyone locally that is also on the DR plan.

Another curve ball this weekend came from Hubby: he has been trying to figure out how to tell me that he wants to keep the truck (aka the Stupid Tax on Wheels, but he really hates me referring to it like that).  I have given it my very best shot, and lost, so we will be keeping the truck and paying it off instead of selling it and becoming debt free but the house next month. 

I’m still playing with numbers on this, trying to see how we can make it work with pharmacy school tuition next fall…if I get accepted.  Friday afternoon I got back my latest organic chemistry test and did NOT do nearly as good as I thought I did.  I’m beginning to see why half of the class that hasn’t dropped is REtaking the class for a better grade.  Ouch…I, the usually A-student, got a 69 on a test :( which brings my average down to a C for the class!  If it doesn’t get better I will end up spending next year retaking organic chem also instead of heading off to pharmacy school in Nashville!

But back to the truck note…I have authorized a couple of payments on it, since if we are going to keep it then I want it paid off as soon as possible.  Hubby wanted me to still put money into our money market savings account for tuition, but I just can’t stand the thought of putting off our Debt-Free Day that long.  I want that last debt GONE!  Destroyed!  Stomped out of existance!  Oh, and he admitted he just doesn’t like the little purple truck…so anyone in the Clarksville area want a cute little Ford Ranger 5-speed pick-em-up truck for about $800?  That was the offer I turned down last week…before hubby said he didn’t like it.  Still trying to get hold of that person through the grapevine to see if he’s still interested in buying it.