Top 10 Reasons to Be Debt Free

Having lived in Indiana for about twenty years or so, I have known about Dave Letterman about next to forever, and have always loved his “Top 10″ lists.  So I thought I would put together my own little Top 10 list, Debt Free Revolution-style.  So here they are, the TOP TEN reasons to be debt free:

  •  Reason #10: You won’t need to buy as many tin foil hats to keep “them” from tracking you electronically.
  • Reason #9: It’s just so much fun to mess with those marketers with clipboards at the mall who want to know, “What’s in your wallet?”
  • Reason #8: When your co-workers start complaining about their car payments, you can just smile at their confounded expressions when you tell them you don’t have a car note.
  • Reason #7: Because earning interest is always better than paying interest!
  • Reason #6: Not owing anyone money means you can devote your money to fun stuff…like going for the “Biggest Ball of Twine” world record!
  • Reason #5: Because it confuses your kids to every once in a while say “yes” to “Mom, I want…” instead of the usual “No!  Save up your own money!”
  • Reason #4: You’ve discovered that your vehicle actually gets better gas mileage when it no longer drags the payment book behind it.
  • Reason #3: Because it is SO much more fun to dream about that particular movie star you will never get a chance with instead of laying awake at night worrying about how to pay your bills.
  • Reason #2: Because every Monday morning you fantasize about giving your boss the one-finger salute while dancing out the door singing “Take This Job and Shove It!”
  • And the Number One reason to be DEBT FREE: (drumroll…) You actually get to KEEP your take-home pay!

And there it is folks…some humorous, some slightly serious, and a few are both.  Now…to throw open the comments sections and see who has any to add :)  funny or serious, let’s hear what y’all have!