Condolences and Carnivals

First up, I would like to express my condolences to Dreamy from Blogging My Way Out of Debt for the tragic loss in her family.  I am very glad she had an emergency fund so she can attend the funeral, which puts her in a better position than I was back in 2004 when my cousin died three weeks after I came home from Iraq.  Bloggers, if you have a guest post laying around she has asked for help in this regard.  I’m writing one in a few minutes for her, and she says she could use about four more for while she’s gone.

In other somber news (no not really, compared to above) I did get my butt kicked in the Free Money Finance March Madness competition for the end of round one.  Madison from My Dollar Plan’s post Financial Strategies for Infants and Young Children mopped up the floor with my post Poor vs Broke.  Now it’s round two, and Lynnae from Being has already put the call out for her 1400 subscribers to vote for her post It Hit Me Like A Ton of Bricks which is up against my round one winner You CAN Get Out of Debt!  Help!  I’m outnumbered here!

A couple of mid- and late-week carnivals that were gracious enough to include my posts were the Carnival of Financial Planning at the Skilled Investor which listed my post What A Debt-Free Budget Looks Like at the top (many thanks) and the Carnival of Ethics, Values, and Personal Finance which included my post Thoughts on Becoming Consumer Debt Free.

Finally, Jesse from The Penny Saved put up my guest post and called it Debt Free Revolution Success Story.  It went up sooner than planned thanks to that nasty flu bug that is going around just about everywhere.

Enjoy the links, but be sure to go over to offer condolences to Dreamy.  And if you are a blogger, whip up a quick guest post for her so she will have one less thing to worry about in her grieving time.  Dreamy, have a safe journey!  Hug on your family while there, cry on each others’ shoulders, and come back safely.