Financial and Blogging Goals for May

Yesterday I ran the budget numbers and blogged about how things are getting cut as gasoline and food rises.  Today I got a reminder over twitter that I haven’t blogged about goals yet (thanks squawkfox LOL)

Lots of “weirdness” going on right now for us.  I upped food and gas in the budget, but I am not sure what gas prices will do.  I just finished the semester, and have been asking around about a possible daytime job since hubby doesn’t want me working 5-6 nights a week like I did last summer.  Hubby is really wanting to take a vacation in Florida to see his family and friends at the beginning of June.

Financial Goals for May 2008

  • Keep under budget!
  • Find a part-time job for the summer
  • Save up for vacation
  • Have a little extra to stuff in emergency fund
  • Get the brakes checked on the Pizza Taxi (it’s been almost a year)

Now, how did I do with my April goal?  I wanted to stuff $1350 into the emergency fund, but hadn’t planned on the trip to Missouri for my cousin’s funeral.  Right now I have $850 to put into the emergency fund account, with probably $200-300 more next week after all the bills clear.

Not too bad, considering the unexpected trip.  AND I have officially passed my organic chemistry class (with a D but hey I’ll take it!)

Blogging Goals for May 2008

The successful PF bloggers set blogging goals for themselves, and I think I will start that.  So, here are a few blogging goals:

  • Increase subscribers to 650 (if you aren’t already subscribed, you can sign up by RSS or email!)
  • Write an ebook by the end of the month (still taking opinions on what topic y’all want to read)
  • Do more research on the “stagflation survival” series (started this morning)
  • Participate in at least 3 blog carnivals weekly

I think I can do these :)  and y’all can help out on a couple of them.  Share posts you like on the social media sites (buttons at the bottom of each post) and through email.  Also, if you survived the 1970s stagflation here in the U.S., hit me with your tips!  I am just not finding much at all on Google for the subject, so I will need to go to direct interviews of people who lived it.