Hubby Home Early

Hubby came home early, surprising me at 0300 (zero-dark-stupid) when the dog woke up and barked at him as he fumbled to get the key into the door lock in the dark.  He grumbled that the dog makes it difficult to sneak up on me in the middle of the night to surprise me, which I think is still a good thing.

Today is hubby’s birthday, and I gave him a handcrafted ink pen from Hans that almost matches mine :)  Of course, I tried to be slick this morning by setting it next to his fresh cup of coffee, and ended up spilling my coffee in the process!

Instead of going out to eat to celebrate his birthday, I am fixing him a steak dinner tonight, and baking him a birthday cake.  Hubby picked the sirloin tip that I scored on big sale over the weekend, proof that his eyes are bigger than his stomach because he first thought he could eat the giant steak by himself until I pointed out I will be fixing side dishes.

Tomorrow he will be taking me out for dinner and either a movie or a show at the local theatre to celebrate our second anniversary (which was Monday).

So basically, there won’t be a whole lot of activity here on the blog for a couple days.  He’s been gone for “only” two weeks, as opposed to the year he spent in South Korea for almost all of 2007.  His unit is scheduled to deploy to NTC in California in July, then off to Afghanistan in the fall for a year.  Such is the life in today’s Army.

Somehow I feel it was easier when I was the one going places and doing things, instead of the one staying home.

We’ve already sat down and discussed money and plans for that money over coffee this morning, but more on that later.