Carnival of Financial Goals

Everyone needs goals to work for and towards, right?  And if it’s good enough for life and work, why wouldn’t setting goals be good enough for your finances?

While I didn’t make my goal of getting this posted before finishing my first cup of coffee, I did get all the submissions sorted and will have this done before the end of the 2nd cup of coffee!  I find coffee helps me with goals LOL  So here we go!

Financial Goal Setting

Personal Finance Goals

You’ll notice there is no commentary and no editor’s choice pick … that’s because I am throwing the comments open for y’all to vote on which is your favorite financial goals post!  Sunday morning when I wake up and get that first cup of coffee (notice a theme here?) I will count up the votes in the comments and list the READERS’ CHOICE for this carnival :)  Read all the entries, then let me know which you like the best in the comments section.

Oh, my post is not eligible for this, I just included it because I wrote it specifically for this carnival.