Popping in to Update

Hey y’all, since school let out and the Teenager has still been going to school (today is his last day) I have been a busy little web-bee in addition to picking up more hours at the pizza place.  I’m revamping a bunch of sites I built 2-4 years ago, and that’s going to take up some time as there is about two dozen.  The good news is I am getting paid to revamp them :)

Gas prices are up, tips are down, but the boss man at the pizza place is happy that the semester has ended.  He has me scheduled for five nights this week!  Also, it looks like I won’t need to get another part-time day job, as he is planning to open for lunch on the weekdays now and said I could probably be the delivery driver for a couple days.

Another reason I have been pretty quiet is a conversation last week with hubby about money, the economic stimulus money and where it should go … and “our” money goals.  That’s a post unto itself, and I am not sure I am ready to write it just yet.

It seems I got tagged for that “six word” meme this week … and y’all know I am usually much more long-winded than that!  Grrr … the one meme I definitely didn’t want to get tagged with LOL  I’m trying to figure out how to condense things down to that few of words.  I’ve got a couple in mind.