Invited Back for Another Podcast

Got the email last night from Duane from All American Blogger inviting me back for another podcast interview … LOL guess some folks are gluttons for punishment ;) or maybe Duane is as crazy as I am.  I need to check my schedule for when I can appear versus when he can have me on as a guest, but I am game if y’all think you can stand another round of my Indiana-Texas-Tennessee accent with a dose of “mil-speak” thrown in for good measure.

Previously suggested topics from the spring include:

  • the Fed and the interest rates
  • my strange, unclassifiable political views (it is a political blog, after all)
  • my theory of stagflation being back
  • …???  open to suggestion

So, for those of y’all brave enough to listen to my rantings instead of only reading them: What would you want to hear about?