About Me

Ana of Debt Free RevolutionStandard Disclaimer:  I am not a professional in the area of personal finance, and these postings on this blog cannot be considered nor construed as ”professional advice.” 

What I am is an Army wife, an Iraq veteran, a college student, a mom, family CFO, and a Domino’s pizza delivery driver to get my family out of the chain of debt!  This blog will detail my debt reduction efforts and strategies so you too can join me in the “Debt-Free Revolution”!

Important dates on this journey:

  • 29 December 2006: Made the first ever budget
  • 10 January 2007: Established “beginner” baby emergency fund (undone twice thanks to furnace and car)
  • 04 July 2007: started my blog :)
  • 26 February 2008: DEBT FREE but the house, BABYYY!!!!!!

Please put DFRblog at the beginning of the subject line so I don’t accidently delete it as spam.  Note: If I don’t reply, it means my quirky spam filter caught your email and I didn’t see it.  Of course, it always lets the true spam through!  Go figure.