You may have noticed the absence of the almost ubiquitous “Ads by Google” or “Sponsored Text Links” on this blog.  After much deliberation, I have decided I will not put them on this blog, because the ads that tend to show up for phrases like:

  • debt reduction
  • student loans
  • payday loans
  • credit cards

are all things I do not endorse and actively encourage people to avoid!  Therefore, this blog will be supported by donations:

Donations go directly to my current step on the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps plan unless you specificly mention something you want it to be used for.  Also, since Paypal does accept and process credit cards -and most of y’all know how I feel about those things!- I will be holding you to your honor on using debit cards instead of the debt variety of plastic.  Also there are the proceeds from sales at my Debt Free Revolution cafepress shop. If you have service that you think will go along nicely with my beliefs about debt and debt reduction, you may email me to discuss a private advertising agreement:

and put DFRblog at the beginning of your subject line so I don’t accidently delete it as spam.  Graphic ads 125×125 buttons in the sidebar are also a possibility.  Price depends upon duration of ad and placement in sidebar - email for details.