PF Blogs

It’s occured to me I really forget to keep up my blogroll (BAD me!) and what I do have does not accurately reflect what I read LOL (when I have time to read which is semester breaks and weekends).  So here we go:

  •  This is where you can find just about any PF blog
  • No Credit Needed  My PF blogging hero, I wanna be just like him in 3 years!
  •  And I convinced her to cut up the credit cards!  (well, citibank sort of did most of that work)
  • GatherLittleByLittle  “Gibble” as we call him, nice guy and entertaining to read
  • I’ve Paid For This Twice Already  PaidTwice isn’t afraid to lay it all out and look it square in the eye
  • CleverDude  Fun to talk to and can be highly entertaining
  • The Simple Dollar  Does anyone NOT read this one?
  • Military Finance  What can I say?  I am still married to the Army

Other sites that I don’t really read but you might be interested in:

I’ll add more as I remember or find them…