Welcome Simple Dollar Readers 28 May

A big welcome to Trent’s readers clicking over from the Simple Dollar.  Since I do not blog well without massive amounts of coffee, I’ll give y’all a few links to browse while I brew a fresh pot and pry my eyes open LOL

  • Best of DFR page has a lot of my favorites from my early days, plus the entire “Teenager on a Budget” series
  • The MPG Fuel Economy Challenge After a couple of posts giving driving tips I use at work (delivering pizza) I have challenged my readers to try them also and post results!
  • CPI, Inflation, and Reality I am a harsh critic of the BLS’ method of calculating the “official” inflation rate, and April’s numbers gave me quite a bit of ammo!  Read and judge for yourself.
  • Congress and Fed Take on Credit Card Industry I tend to be very cynical about government, but when they do something right I will give them props.  Be sure to write to your Congress-critter about this one!
  • How To Pay For College the debt-free way!  I’m doing, and I will make sure my son does it as well.
  • Safety Tips from Your Pizza Driver Inspired by real-life and a particularly bad weekend.

That should keep y’all busy while the coffee-critter brews :) and I kick-start what few brain cells I have left to blog about something new today.